R Bros Happy Customers Please take minute to read what our customers have to say about our work.

Stacie Bledsoe

I would like to tell everyone how extremely happy I am with my 65.06 Ackley Improved “PINKIE”. Travis was extremely patient and helpful when it come to my husband building the ultimate custom rifle for his wife. Down to the details as far as color, size of stock I needed for a woman and all the tricks he did with barrel, etc. I was able to take this rifle hunting this year and was very successful and now I am shooting long range with it. I have attached a target picture of 2 shots together at 1290 yards. The orange is a 4” diameter. This shot is with the fire forming loads. No telling what I can do with it when it’s a Ackley Improved. I’m excited to see, maybe I can go a mile. I can only do this because Travis has done such a wonderful job of putting together the best custom rifle for me. Thank You Travis for such a great gun.

Tony Bowers

Hey Travis, hope all is going well there. Got a chance to load some ammo finally for my 7WSM, and as you can see from the attached photo, it shoots pretty well at .010″ off the lands also. If you need any references or referrals feel free to use me, and thanks for a great rifle!

Terrel Chistensen

My EDGE is awesome, spent a little more time working up a load and shot the best group of my life last week, less than ¼ inch at 200. See attached. The worst group, either 3 or 5 shots at 200 yards has gone less than .75 MOA, even in a 12-25 mph crosswind.

Jason Phelps

Phelps Game Calls

Long Range shooting/hunting had always peaked my interest. The only problem was I didn’t know where to start. After doing some research on the internet I realized that RBros was local and also had nothing but great reports. I contacted Travis and discussed what I wanted to do with the gun. He helped me choose the caliber and components. It was a streamlined process and he was thinking about his customers end goal and not what would make him the most money. I am a happy customer and I recommend RBros to anyone looking to have a long range hammer built.