RBros Warranty & Accuracy Please take minute to read our warranty policy and accuracy guarantee that all RBros rifles adhere to.


Our commitment and warranty to bring you the best rifle we can

Due to the use of handloaded ammunition, we can make no warranty, expressed or implied. Buyer assumes all liability with the purchase of these goods and services. This will include improper cleaning methods and or not following the instructions sent with the rifle. We will do our best to correct any mechanical problems experienced within a reasonable length of time after receiving your gun at no charge. If the problem was our fault, we will pay return shipping. Customer will be responsible for shipping charges to our facility.

Accuracy and Function

Accuracy and Function Guarantee what you can expect from our guns

Each build is broken in and test fired under field conditions. This means with a bipod and prone on the ground. The rifles aren’t bench guns, so why would we test them that way? The owner of the company, Travis Redell, personally tests all rifles under real world conditions out in the open environment. Some might think this is crude, but Travis wants to make sure that you never have any problems under field conditions. Customers receive a test target, dummy round and load data along with the rifles. This is why we are able to guarantee, without a doubt, that your rifle will shoot .5 moa or less, with sub ¼ moa being the norm, as fired by Travis during the barrel break in. This is at no additional charge to the customer.